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Specialist in linguistics ( semantics, etymology and socio-pragmatics) and cultural studies . Translator: English, French and Arabic). Polyglot: English, French, Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic vernaculars, Spanish and other languages.  Writer: novelist, storyteller, playwright and poet. Author of Crazy Dance and more books and articles.

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Author, journalist, translator and filmmaker


Rami Ibrahim's books

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Stop victimizing yourself! Go beyond the limits of your culture! 

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You do not learn languages because your teacher is a native speaker of a certain language (or a graduate from a certain university) or because you come from a multilingual country. You learn languages because you are curious enough and you love the world and its cultures.

When you think silently, you might say:

" What have I done so far? Nothing !" This is normal and indicates that your conscience is alive . This is what I tell myself all the time. However, I have learnt not to feel upset because of it. Work for goals you have passion for, develop your interests, and keep your curiosity intact as far as you can.



هناك من يعرف الشجرة من جذورها ، وهناك من يعرفها من أوراقها ، ومن يعرفها من جذعها ، ومن يعرفها من زهرها ، وهناك من لايعرفها حتى من ثمرها

رامي الابراهيم

"Sapere aude" est une locution latine que j'adore. Cela signifie littéralement "Ose savoir !" Pour que cela soit bien compris , je devrais lire Emmanuel Kant et apprendre la signification de  Aufklärung.


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