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The Refuge

A story whose narrator is an eight-year-old boy takes you to the world of childhood. Therefore, the worldview you are going to encounter in this story is that of a child. What does a child's worldview look like? Psychology and medicine tell us about euphoric theta hypersynchrony in early childhood before children take a step further out of imagination and into the real world. However, are they exposed to this reality in similar proportions in terms of cruelty?
In addition to going through theta hypersynchrony, all children go probably into a process of idealization and idolization. However, do they all have the same type of idealization or idolization ? Do they all have parents who guarantee a transitional period which take them safely to adulthood ? What if parents need protection themselves ? This story tries to tackle these questions.
Is not it interesting when psychological questions are tackled by literature and presented in real-life simulations? There is still something to be said about the setting of this story. Actions take place in a Syrian city, and this might jazz the story up adding cultural elements you might be excited to know about.

The Refuge

CHF 3.00السعر
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